1. How long does a session last?     

Answer:  A session typically lasts about an hour.

2.  Is your office handicapped accessible?    

Answer:  Yes, but door openings are standard size.

3.  Do you do phone sessions?      

Answer:   Face-to-face sessions are preferred. Occasionally, circumstances may keep a client from being able to attend a scheduled session and a phone session would be appropriate.  There are also certain medical conditions that warrant phone sessions such as a high-risk bed rest pregnancy or post-surgical situations.

4. What are my payment options?

Answer: We offer many payment options through insurance or self-pay.

  • Self-Pay
  • Cash
  • Debit/Credit-American express, Visa, Master Card, Discover
  • Check
  • Monthly pre-billing
  • Insurance
  • Direct billing to in-network or select out-of-network insurance companies
  • Supply client with a receipt for client submission to an out-of-network insurance company
5.  I am using my insurance.  Will my copay be the same as when I see my primary care physician?     

Answer:   Each policy is different. Some policies  will categorize me as a specialist, others will charge the same fee as the primary care provider. You may call your insurance company or I can verify benefits for you.

6.  What does confidential really mean?  When would my information be shared with anyone?     

Answer: If you use your insurance, diagnosis codes will be used for reimbursement purposes. Health care professionals are mandated reporters. This means we are mandated by law to report child abuse,  intended/planned harm to an identified person, or intended/planned harm to oneself.

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